Dior Fahrenheit Le Parfum Review

  • By: Nathan Cherry
  • Time to read: 10 min.

Dior’s Fahrenheit is an all-time classic 80s powerhouse that took the men’s fragrance world by storm when it was released way back in 1988. With its characteristic gasoline accord, rough-and-tumble leather, and masculine florals, nothing had ever smelled quite like it before, and it still stands the test of time today. 

The original Fahrenheit has spawned a host of flankers, including Aqua Fahrenheit, Fahrenheit Absolute, Fahrenheit Cologne, and Fahrenheit 32, amongst others. Fahrenheit Le Parfum, released in 2014, is one of the most recent additions to the Fahrenheit line, and has had a somewhat polarizing reception. So, how does this new kid on the block stand up to the legendary original? 

Dior Fahrenheit Le Parfum is a sweet, spicy, and boozy variation on the classic Fahrenheit DNA. Offering excellent performance, classic presentation, and decent value for money, Fahrenheit Le Parfum is well worth trying for both fans of the original and newbies alike. 

Want to know more? Let’s take a closer look at Dior’s Fahrenheit Le Parfum.

Fragrance Notes 

Top Notes: suede, licorice, Sicilian mandarin

Middle Notes: violet leaf, rum, coriander, cumin 

Base Notes: Bourbon vanilla absolute

Scent Description

I’ll start off by saying I am a huge fan of the original Fahrenheit. Back when I was starting out my fragrance journey, I always gravitated towards it when I visited the perfume counter. There was just something about the iconic bottle, the almost totemic name, “Fahrenheit”, the aura it gave off, that appealed to me.

The juice inside, of course, is masterful: gassy violet leaf, rugged leather, carnation, lavender, vetiver…It’s the essence of brash, unapologetic 80s masculinity, and a beautiful and singular creation even today. 

But how does Le Parfum stand up?

Le Parfum is undeniably a Fahrenheit flanker, opening up with that classic, ozonic gasoline accord from the violet leaves that you either love or hate (I’m in the former camp rather than the latter, of course). However, it takes Fahrenheit down a different path – namely, a gourmand path. 

Want to know what a gourmand perfume is? Take a look at this article for more info. 

The biggest (and most controversial) change to the Fahrenheit DNA is the addition of rum and vanilla. Both are out in force here – the opening smells almost like sniffing a bottle of rum at a gas station while wearing a suede jacket, and a vague booziness lingers throughout the life of the fragrance. 

Soon after the opening blast of gas, suede, and rum, you start to get the spices: toasty cumin, semi-floral coriander, and a bit of bitter licorice. Cumin can be a polarizing note which many people perceive as “sweaty” or “BO” (I’ve personally never felt that way), but it doesn’t come off that way at all here, rather smelling rich and nutty, like toasted cumin seeds. 

The spices blend beautifully with the smooth suede accord, rum, and the deep, rich vanilla of the base, which dominates most of the wearing experience of Fahrenheit Le Parfum.

This is not your typical tooty-fruity hyper-sweet vanilla, but rather a buttery-smooth, creamy, natural vanilla more reminiscent of fragrances like Guerlain’s Spiritueuse Double Vanille. It’s not tooth-rotteningly sweet or cloying, but instead lends a beautiful supple richness to the fragrance which smells absolutely brilliant. 

If I were to describe Fahrenheit Le Parfum in a few words, they would be: spicy, warm, ozonic, boozy, and sweet, but not too sweet. 


The presentation of Fahrenheit Le Parfum is simple, but elegant, in addition to being very high quality, as is the norm with Dior fragrances.


I myself own a tester bottle of Le Parfum, and so I never got the chance to see the box firsthand.

Don’t know what a tester perfume is? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered with this article.

However, judging from images online, the box for Fahrenheit Le Parfum is in-line with the classic Fahrenheit design: a gradient ombré from black to a deep red. The name of the fragrance and the brand is written on the front in a simple font. 

The classic Fahrenheit eau de toilette presentation.

Simple, straight to the point, and iconic. What’s not to like? 


The bottle is similarly in-line with the typical Fahrenheit bottle design: again, a gradient ombré, this time from black to red, then to orange and finally to a rich egg yolk yellow. The name of the fragrance and the brand are emblazoned on the front of the bottle in a simple font. 

The only real difference between the bottle for Fahrenheit Le Parfum and the original Fahrenheit is that the colors seem a little bit more vivid in the case of Le Parfum. Additionally, Fahrenheit Le Parfum comes in just one size – 2.5 oz, or 75ml, whereas the OG Fahrenheit comes in 3.4 oz (100ml) and 1.7 oz (50ml). 

It’s a classic, immediately recognizable design which is totally awesome, at least in my book. It totally matches the perfume inside, especially in the case of the original Fahrenheit, which maintains a little more of that edgy, rugged, even “dangerous” gasoline character, signaled by the bottle design, which kind of reminds me of a “heat signature” in the infrared. It also reminds me of a B-52 layered shot, incidentally. 

The cap snaps snugly into place – you should have no issues picking the bottle up with it. The atomizer is great, in typical Dior fashion, though it dispenses a little bit less juice than the sprayers for the Dior Homme and Sauvage lines. 

Overall, the presentation for Fahrenheit Le Parfum is simple and clean, but totally iconic. The quality of the materials is also immediately evident. 


The performance of Fahrenheit Le Parfum is outstanding in all respects. 


Fahrenheit Le Parfum has excellent longevity in my experience. 

Three to four sprays on my perfume eating skin nets me twelve to fourteen hours of longevity, and more on fabric. 

This is a fragrance that lasts all day and then some. If you spray it on fabric, the scent will remain until you wash it. It’s also one of those elite fragrances that you can spray on your skin, go to bed, and wake up smelling the next morning. It can also easily survive a shower, maybe even two. 

Long story short: this is extremely tenacious juice that should satisfy most anyone, even the “beast mode” crowd. 

Projection & Sillage

The projection and sillage of Fahrenheit Le Parfum is similarly excellent. 

Three to four sprays on my perfume eating skin nets me about four to five hours of solid projection and radiant arm’s length sillage for at least two to three hours. 

This is some potent stuff – but you might not realize it first. 

When I first purchased Fahrenheit Le Parfum, I actually thought that it was kind of weak. It was an extremely hot and humid summer, and I decided to spray on four to five sprays before hopping onto a train to go see my girlfriend. After a thirty minute train ride, I rode the subway for about another thirty. Then, instead of taking a bus to her workplace, I decided to walk, despite the heat. It took me about an hour of walking to arrive. 

By the time I got there, I was drenched in sweat. Usually, when you wear a fragrance in the heat and start to sweat, it washes off pretty readily. However, the first words out of my girlfriend’s mouth were, “Wow! You smell great!” 

“You can still smell it?” I asked, somewhat incredulously. She replied that she could smell it loud and clear through her mask and that when she walked behind me it was leaving quite a powerful trail. 

Moral of the story: Fahrenheit Le Parfum is a very strong scent. So strong, that it’s easy to go nose blind to it. I’ve written extensively about nose blindness here, if you’d like to know more. 

For that reason, I’d recommend that you dial your sprays down to between two to four. The sweet spot for me with this fragrance is three; any more than that, and it kind of gives me a headache. 

Overall, Fahrenheit Le Parfum has excellent performance across the board. 

Value For Money

I would rate Fahrenheit Le Parfum as having excellent value for money. 

A 2.5 oz (75ml) bottle of Fahrenheit Le Parfum retails for ~$125 USD. That’s $1.66/ml. 

This is pretty much the basic price that most designer fragrances in “parfum” concentration are selling for these days. Don’t know your way around your “parfums” and your “eaux de toilette”? Don’t worry – check out this guide for a full breakdown. 

However, there is one small caveat: Fahrenheit Le Parfum is not really distributed in North America. 

This is the same case for Dior Homme Parfum, another incredible creation, fragcom darling, and one of my favorite fragrances, that was sadly never even distributed on the North American market.

Dior seems hellbent on hoarding the best stuff for themselves to distribute on the European and Middle Eastern markets (and, seeing as how Americans aren’t really fragrance people anyway, I can’t entirely blame them). 

So, if you’re located in North America, you might have a hard time getting a bottle of Le Parfum. Luckily, it’s pretty widely available on discount websites like FragranceNet and FragranceX, though unfortunately not for discounted prices. Currently, Fahrenheit Le Parfum is going for $131.75 on FragranceX, and $127.49 on FragranceNet. 

There have also been whispers that Dior is preparing to axe the entire Fahrenheit line, after 34 years on the market. Fahrenheit is not really being advertised, and the last flanker, Fahrenheit Cologne, was released in 2015, more than 5 years ago, so there could very well be some truth to that claim. 

My advice? If you’re at all interested in Fahrenheit Le Parfum (or in other Fahrenheit flankers that are not incredibly scarce yet, like Fahrenheit Cologne and Fahrenheit 32), ACT NOW, before the prices rocket up into the stratosphere. 

Is Fahrenheit Le Parfum worth the $100+ asking price? In my view, yes. Although it was created by a designer perfume brand, Fahrenheit Le Parfum is essentially a niche fragrance in character (more on niche fragrances here, if you’re interested). It also has outstanding performance and high quality presentation. 

For those reasons, I’d say that Fahrenheit Le Parfum has great value for money, and is well worth seeking out.

Who Would Like It

The original Fahrenheit is one of those love-it-or-hate-it kind of fragrances. When it was released back in 1988, it elicited extremely polarized reactions, and even reformulated to hell and back, it still does today. The fact of the matter is that some people (like myself) derive a perverse sort of pleasure from the smell of gasoline. Others, not so much. 

So, is Fahrenheit Le Parfum as polarizing as the original? Nah, man. The gasoline accord is preserved, and it is evident that Le Parfum is a part of the Fahrenheit line, but the addition of rum, vanilla, and spice to the leather-laden, gassy-floral ode to machismo of the original makes it a lot more palatable for modern sensibilities. 

I think that Fahrenheit Le Parfum will appeal to most guys twenty (or maybe twenty five) years and up. It requires a bit of maturity to pull off (this isn’t some 1 Million or Dylan Blue flanker), but it definitely isn’t an old man scent, like many accuse the original Fahrenheit of being. And it does garner compliments, both from men and women. 

If you like leather, spice, and vanilla, I would say that you will like this. If you’re averse to the gassy violet leaves of the original Fahrenheit, I would still recommend that you at least give this one a try. Although the gas accord is still present in the blend, it’s definitely toned down and smoothed out by the other ingredients. 

I would say that it is unisex leaning masculine. This will definitely smell the most at home on male skin, but I could see a lady pulling it off just fine as well. 

When To Wear It 

Fahrenheit Le Parfum is actually a fairly versatile fragrance. 

The note breakdown might lead you to think that this is a fragrance solely for cold weather, as is the norm for spicy, boozy, leathery, vanilla-rich scents. And I would be inclined to agree with that sentiment – I think that it smells best in fall and winter. However, this is a scent that I have worn on cooler spring and summer nights to great effect. 

I would say any temperature below 80-85°F (26-29°C) will be prime weather for this juice. Preferably for night wear, but you can easily pull this off in the day time as well. 

As for occasions, you could pull Fahrenheit Le Parfum off seemingly anywhere: date nights, casual hangouts, work, semi-formal, and even formal occasions. It’s a very pleasant fragrance that is unlikely to offend unless you go crazy on the sprays, so you’ll very likely get good mileage out of Le Parfum

Similar Fragrances

Obviously, the most closely related fragrance to Fahrenheit Le Parfum would be the original Fahrenheit. It also is quite similar to the discontinued (and extremely hard to find) flanker, Fahrenheit Absolute, a dark and incensey take on the Fahrenheit DNA. 

Otherwise, there are not an abundance of smell-alikes out there that nail that ozonic-leather-booz-vanilla vibe. Fragrances like Bentley For Men Intense (rum, leather, incense, spice), Lalique Hommage à L’Homme (violet leaf, saffron, tonka bean, oud), and EIGHT & BOB Cap d’Antibes (violet leaf, spice, vanilla) get you into the same ballpark as Fahrenheit Le Parfum, but none quite hit the nail on the head. 

Pros & Cons


  • Unique, high-quality, and very appealing scent profile
  • Phenomenal performance
  • Good value-for-money


  • Retains some of the polarizing gasoline accord from the original Fahrenheit
  • Not distributed in North America, and so might be difficult to find
  • Potentially discontinued, adding to the difficulty and potentially driving up the price

The Final Word

Overall, Dior Fahrenheit Le Parfum is a fantastic fragrance which has become one of my favorite designer scents. Offering a delicious, appealing, unique, and niche-quality scent profile, fantastic (even potentially overwhelming) performance, and great value for money (if you can find it), Fahrenheit Le Parfum is an excellent option for anyone wanting a spicy and boozy designer fragrance with high quality and a ton of character. 

For those reasons, I rate Fahrenheit Le Parfum a very enthusiastic: 

★★★★☆ 4.5 stars out of 5.